I am a postpartum planner, postpartum doula, and mom to a resilient, animated, and busy toddler boy. I’m a fan of podcasts, to-do lists, and driven by deadlines–a lover of deep conversations and going beneath the surface into the things that make us human. I find joy in fields of sunflowers, being barefoot outside, and cozy bakeries with lots of natural light streaming in the windows. I savor being alone with my thoughts and firmly believe in being unapologetically me and accepting myself where I am. Tuning into my own intuition and trusting my gut is very important to me. I daydream about how to best convey the magic and cataclysmic nature of the postpartum experience to expectant parents. I work to make people feel like they are enough, to ensure that they are seen and heard, and encourage them to believe they really can do this.

When my son was born via unplanned cesarean, I experienced firsthand the valuable and intrinsic need for community care. I realized the system does not specifically tell you what to expect in the postpartum time or what is within the spectrum of normal outside of, “You’ll be tired, you’ll cry a lot, and everything sucks for a while.” I thought I had done my homework when I took a birth class and created the ultimate birth plan (Spoiler alert: I didn’t even open it). Boy, was I wrong! In the thick of it, I felt dropped off at the curb. I’m eternally grateful to a couple of my closest friends who helped me identify that I was experiencing postpartum depression four months later. Asking for help was HARD! I find it to be especially difficult because society tells us we need to apologize for being human and pretend that our life didn’t just turn on its head.

I’m probably sipping earl gray tea with a spoon of honey and a splash of oat milk, a locally authentic hard cider, or–let’s be real–a good cup of coffee, and dreaming up ideas for how to best support your postpartum!

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In my personal life, I find joy in connecting to nature, hiking and adventuring with my toddler.

What sparks my joy is walking alongside my clients as they plan for postpartum, have the hard conversations, set boundaries, embrace and speak their truths and fears out loud (sometimes for the first time) and then sit with them postpartum, witnessing the transformation as start to become versions of themselves they didn’t dream was possible in all their reborn glory as a parent. Seeing babies and parents form their unique bonds and come through the fog together; radiant.

After your baby’s arrival, I love watching your eyes light up when your baby gets a good latch, knowing you finally got a solid four hours of sleep, and seeing your baby smile at you for the first time.  Observing you find your own rhythms as a parent as you tap into your innate and primal intuition, and riding the postpartum waves as a family are joyful moments for me. I celebrate your big wins with you and hold space for the grief and sadness that can accompany these life-altering transitions.

As a perinatal provider whose passion is supporting my clients as they make one of life’s biggest transitions into parenthood, I recognize the physical and emotional wellness postpartum planning and doula care can bring. Bringing the village we so deeply need and are often missing in our society, is intrinsically part of my “why”.

As your postpartum planning specialist and doula, I will help to ease your stress, prepare you physically for labor, facilitate important conversations, explore possible “what if” scenarios, prepare your home for safe sleep, and stock up your freezer with nutritious meals. I will be an extra set of hands and a kind, judgement-free ear. I will help you find the space to rest and will be your trusted go-to person for evidence-based resources and answers.

Training & Certifications

• Perinatal Massage, Simkin Center, Bastyr University
• Structure Specific Swedish Massage
• Myofascial Release
Lymphatic Facilitation
Scar Tissue Massage

Breast massage for lactation support and breast health
• Childbirth Education Instructor
• Certified Doula, ProDoula, NAPS

• Certified Postpartum Doula
• CPR and First Aid Certified
• Current Food Handlers Permit