There are so many pregnancy and massage myths! I have also heard that some massage therapists won’t work on pregnant people’s feet for fear of inducing labor! The only time I won’t work on an area of the body (aside from someone not wanting massage on that area) is when someone has a high risk pregnancy that includes high blood pressure and/or risk of blood clots. In that case I would do less of a swedish style circulatory massage and avoid deep pressure on the inside of a person’s legs as it could potentially loosen a blood clot. If you have a high risk pregnancy, it is totally ok to get a massage but I would ask that you get clearance from your doctor and definitely fully fill out the intake forms I would send you. So, no, massage alone cannot induce labor. There are some acupressure points on the feet and upper body that have been known to induce labor when under the care of an acupuncturist and as a result these are areas I always reduce my pressure on, but any accounts where this has happened have been with very deep sustained (longer than 30 seconds) pressure and this is far from what would be included in a massage session.  These points are linked to the ovaries and uterus. That being said, Babies come when they are ready! I will say though that if you feel safe and relaxed and are close to your estimated due date  you’re much more likely to go into labor soon after a massage! I haven’t ever had someone’s water break on my table but thats why you put down an emergency contact number!