Definitely not! Massage can be such a vital part of your preventative wellness plan and everyone can benefit. Whether you had a baby 5 years ago, are not planning on having children, are a local provider, or just want a dang break from life, I’m here for you. Wellness massage can support a healthy immune system, increase circulation, and lower stress and cortisol levels. 

 THe only time I refer out is If we both feel we aren’t a good fit or you want extremely deep pressure to the point of bruising. You’’ll  probably be able to feel like you got  massage the next day but it shouldn’t hurt. The point of my work  is to relax your nervous system to a place where it can “talk” to your muscles and facilitate the unwinding and relaxation of muscles and fascia. I do provide a decent amount of pressure and can totally use my elbow in the glutes if need be. Pressure is always communicated during the session so you can get the best experience possible!