The short answer is no. You do not have to receive a massage on any part of your body you are not comfortable with. In my intake forms I have clients check a box for each area of the body they are wanting massage in. At each appointment extra written informed consent is obtained if you are wanting breast massage. Benefits of abdominal massage are: digestive support, connection to your baby, relief of tight, stretching skin and any pain in the ribs (lots of babies love to hangout and kick the ribs!) relief of pain in the round ligaments. In a postpartum massage, abdominal work can start to help you reconnect to your body and create a sense of completion/closing of pregnancy and beginning of the postpartum journey. This gentle work encourages all the organs to return to their original positions and can help support the reduction of a diastasis recti. A gentle fundal massage, (not like the hospital one) can encourage the uterus to return to its regular position. The front of our bodies are directly related to the back of our bodies and during pregnancy the hip flexors and back take over for the core muscles leading to lots of back tension! Abdominal and pelvic massage can help to alleviate lower back pain in pregnancy and postpartum too!