Please come as you are! Immediately up to 16 weeks postpartum is when massage is most beneficial for mind and body. Come in your mesh underwear with leaky breasts. It won’t phase me and I have all the sheets and towels you need to keep things sanitary. If you had a cesarean special caution will be taken and ice packs provided.  That goes for being on your period too!  Massage with hot towels on a heated massage table can be a relief for menstrual pain.

Body hair is normal too! You’re human! Please don’t feel the need to apologize for how you are showing up. I’m here for you at all stages of life.  Postpartum hormones can lead to being “stinkier than normal”, but I promise it doesn’t bother me (although if it bothers you I always have baby wipes available). Truly, I want you to get the care and pain relief you deserve and there is no judgement here for what you look like or smell like.