I actually do prenatal massage in a combination of side-lying and/or semi-reclined positioning. If you are getting a chiropractic adjustment or briefly lying down then being on your pregnant stomach doesn’t pose a risk BUT if you are in one of those massage tables with a cut0out for your belly or face-down systems then adding pressure from your massage therapist for a sustained period of time, the blood flow to the placenta and therefore your baby can be compromised.  This positioning  also puts undue stress on the uterine ligaments which are already stretching multiple times their size due to pregnancy! Safety of my clients is of utmost importance and I don’t take unnecessary risks. This side-lying position also allows for alignment of the legs, hips and spine whereas the face-down creates an exaggeration of the lumbar spine which can lead to compression of these vertebrae and potential structural compromise. Side-lying also allows for optimal communication between therapist and client! I’m also able to get in some really delicious decompression stretches in this  position. If its a postpartum massage, side-lying is often something we move into to allow for the baby to breastfeed while the mother is receiving a massage. (if in home) in the 3rd trimester, all sessions start in a semi-reclined position. Heart burn is a common end-of-pregnancy symptom and sitting up for part of the session also can alleviate this. 3rd Trimester labor prep massage is also something that can only be done in the semi-reclined position. It allows for access to the font of the pelvis where I can access the origin and insertion of the abdominal muscles to alleviate pubic symphysis disorder, encourage relaxation of the pelvic and hip muscles and do some gentle hip stretches to prevent leg and hip cramping during labor positions. Consent is always obtained before any pelvic work is done and I will always ask for permission and explain what kind of work I might be doing, as the pelvic area can be very sensitive and not everyone wants this work done, and thats ok! Every session is tailored to my clients and you have the intrinsic right to decide what you want it to look like. I want my massage space to be a safe place for you and acknowledge  the intimacy of massage therapy. Breast massage for breast health and lactation support will be offered (with written consent obtained at each session if you are interested) as of April 2021.