Healthy touch releases oxytocin and lowers your stress hormones; enhancing mood and promoting baby bonding. There’s no bad time for that! I have supported people as soon as the day after giving birth!  If someone has had a cesarean they might not want a massage right after but soon after, massage can even help the body flush out the IV fluids from surgical birth. SO the short answer is, as soon as you want! Some hospitals and birth centers even have massage therapists on staff to provide massage before you return home. Postpartum massage can aid in the recovery from delivery (I can even show you some infant massage techniques to use with your baby) pains from feeding can be alleviated and a massage can have a grounding effect and act as a ritual to close off the pregnancy and begin the postpartum period/4th trimester. In other cultures nurturing touch is a huge part of the first 40 days post-birth. It is also a great way to intentionally rest and focus on healing. I always recommend that people pre-schedule their postpartum sessions before birth.The postpartum fog is *real* and with so much going on a massage may fall by the wayside unless its already scheduled. DO know that there is no pressure surrounding appointments. Babies come when they want and it can be hard to schedule things as a result! You’re welcome to move your appointment to a date that works better for you and your family. If we work together postpartum massages will be scheduled out at the initial appointment! I won’t let you fall by the wayside just because you had a baby! Your healing and care is just as important if not more so now that you’re a parent.