Doula Support

Accepting Clients for Spring & Summer 2022!

I believe that families thrive with the right care, that all parents always try their best even if that looks different from one day to the next, and that there is no loving bond stronger than that between a parent and their child.

As your postpartum doula, I’m here to physically and emotionally support you. You don’t have to bounce back after having your baby. You deserve all of the space and quiet you need to rest, snuggle, and bond with your baby, nourish your body, and recover from pregnancy and birth.

I am here to celebrate you when you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, to normalize the messy parenting life, to help you realize your own potential, and to help you become an expert on your baby.

Whether it’s meal preparations, light household tidying, supporting your start to breastfeeding, giving you a therapeutic in-home massage, running errands, or encouraging siblings in their new role, I will be your village and honor you in your vulnerable space.

Welcome to parenthood! I’m honored to be in your corner.

Postpartum doula support looks like:

  • Feeding support (getting a good latch, nursing positions, tracking diapers, and providing appropriate referrals) 
  • Implementation of Postpartum Plan
  • Functional flow of space
  • Hydration, meals & nourishment
  • Light household tasks
  • Baby-wearing assistance
  • Encouraging partner support
  • Creating space for rest
  • Healthy nutrition & self-care
  • Supporting parental bonding
  • Enabling postpartum rest
  • New sibling transitions
  • Running errands
  • Offering evidence-based resources
  • Virtual support and check-ins

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