Hello, Perinatal Providers!

I’m Julieanne, and I help families prep for a nourished postpartum experience!  I’m a fan of podcasts, to-do lists, and driven by deadlines–a lover of deep conversations and going beneath the surface into the things that make us human.

My goal is to connect with you to help as many expecting families as possible to wholeheartedly prepare for postpartum. As a postpartum planner, I am honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with you as you support your clients to facilitate a truly holistic plan of care for their postpartum. Whether you’re interested in hosting an in-person postpartum planning workshop or co-hosting a virtual event, I would be delighted to connect.

In-Person Workshops

Have 3+ couples ready to plan for a confident postpartum? Let’s collaborate for an in-person workshop exploring the what ifs, navigating postpartum relationships, foundations of nutrition and meal planning, sleep, self-care, basics of baby wearing and so much more!

Ideal for: Birth centers, hospitals, and small private groups via doulas/perinatal providers

Co-Host a Virtual Learning Event

Join me for a postpartum deep dive! Let’s collaborate for a no-fee postpartum skill share to introduce your powerful offerings to a captivated audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you cover during your in-person workshops?

We will explore both a broad overview and an in-depth discussion into what to expect postpartum. We’ll talk through all of the possible what ifs they may experience, how to set boundaries for healthy postpartum relationships, nutrition and meal preparation, baby and parent sleep, baby wearing basics and more!

Includes the workbook with planning worksheets for them and a media kit for event promotion for you.

What is the cost of hosting an in-person workshop and what is included?

Our in person workshop fee is $100 per attendee and their support person, with a minimum of 3 workshop attendees/couples. (You may charge an additional fee to cover your costs above that.) Each workshop is 2 hours long, and includes a full workbook and planning sheets.

What do you provide for free virtual learning events?

For each virtual learning event, we offer a full media kit, a shared email list, and a collaborative relationship to bring the best to all of the pregnant and postpartum families we support!

I'm not sure I have the energy or space to host an in-person workshop or virtual learning event, do you have any other provider collaboration opportunities?

Yes! We would love to host you for an IG live to share your own postpartum experience! We love the opportunity to share a variety of experiences with our audience of expecting families.

Ready to work together?