While other massage places might be more economical, most massage therapists are barely trained to work with pregnant and postpartum people. Their training in massage school is extremely minimal and therapists who only receive school exposure to perinatal massage are only shown basic positioning and minimal details on pregnancy and how to support someone in this time of life. They are oftentimes uncomfortable or nervous when working with pregnant bodies which can result in a less than optimal experience. AT Vital Flow, I have received extensive training on perinatal massage from Bastyr University-Simkin Center and am passionate about supporting you on your journey! I have worked with more people in the perinatal phase than I can count and am extremely comfortable and confident in my skills. To me, each client is more than just one more session on my schedule; If you choose to work with me, I’ll probably be doing a little happy dance and be thrilled to meet you and support you! THis is another reason I do consult calls before meeting in person; I want to make sure we’re a good fit and that I can give you the best experience possible!  Each session is tailored to you and you’ll receive more than just a 1 hour infrequent session. I offer a lot of free resources to support you and your family and continuous support into postpartum to set you up to have a nurturing, fulfilled experience.