That everyone who has a child deserves physical and emotional support in a space where no question is dumb, no emotion makes them a “bad parent” and they can truly be themselves in any form in a given day.

Making the choice to care for yourself by asking for and getting the support you need after birth positively impacts all aspects of your postpartum life.

Birthing people who are adequately supported and held during the early postpartum period are better able to adjust to life and family after baby. They are able to more smoothly adapt to this major life transition and voice their needs which allows them to be validated and met, reclaiming their fourth trimester. This in turn allows for a more solid relationship with their partner and space to bond with their baby.

This has a domino effect the rest of your life going forward, impacting the decisions and choices you make, leading to contentment and fulfillment, and giving you room to thrive in other areas of your life.

✦ I believe that people need community.

✦ I believe that rest is a radical and revolutionary action.

✦ I believe that people need space to be vulnerable without shame or guilt or fear.

✦ I believe that all parents always try their best even if that looks different from one day to the next.

✦ I believe that children tear down our walls and mold us into enlightened and wiser versions of our former selves.

✦ I know that I am not the right care provider for every person, but will always do my best to help connect people to the best fit for them.

✦ I believe that all people deserve compassionate, inclusive, individualized prenatal and postpartum care regardless of their race, sexual identity or religion. 

I believe that the United States healthcare system is discriminatory against non-white presenting people; specifically black mothers and we as a society need to do better to provide a standard of care for all people and improve maternal health outcomes. 

✦ I am committed to centering anti-racism and doing the work on a personal level to dismantle my own biases I inevitably have.